Auralic Vega G2.1 Streamer & DAC


• AURALiC’s premier digital converter, the Vega G2.1 offers performance and features well beyond the normal.
It’s a DAC, it’s a Streamer and it’s a highly capable pre-amplifier with analogue input;
• Featuring AURALiC’s Unity Chassis II, this device tackles mechanical and radio frequency interference through
engineering. Twin chassis, including a copper faraday cage, sophisticated galvanic isolation, heavy aluminium
base plate and tuned sprung feet;
• Incorporating AURALiC’s R2R fully passive volume control, not the standard Bit Reduction style utilised on most
converters &;
• Vega G2.1 is a key part of the G2.1 ‘Lightning-Link’ ecosystem, including Master Clock (Leo) input.