Auralic Aries G2.1 Streaming Transport


Aries G2.1: Streaming Transporter (Digital Output Only)
• AURALiC’s premier Streamer, the Aries G2.1 offers the full suite of AURALiC’s streaming and serving software,
Lightning DS and Lightning Serve;
• Featuring AURALiC’s Unity Chassis II, this device tackles mechanical and radio frequency interference through
engineering. Twin chassis, including a copper faraday cage, sophisticated galvanic isolation, heavy aluminium
base plate and tuned sprung feet;
• Aries G2.1 can be fitted with on-board SDD/HDD, access USB HDD or of course NAS, &;
• Aries G2.1 can playback and Rip CD’s from a supported USB Optical Drive (separately powered).