Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition


It is nearly impossible to fully express the impact Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has had on the identity of our home, Vienna. This importance is the same with us at Vienna Acoustics and the model loudspeaker, now in its third generation, which we have chosen to name for this most famous musical innovator.

Taking into full account the importance Mozart represents, we have recreated the Mozart Grand with refinements effecting virtually all critical components. One area we will not change is how and where we build each piece. For more than twenty years each loudspeaker we create is hand crafted in Vienna, Austria with only the finest components and expertly crafted, custom cabinetry.

Beginning with our longstanding belief that the foundation of a proper loudspeaker design lies within the quality of its drivers, we have worked extensively on building tighter and tighter tolerance drive units. It is with this constant improvement in our driver production and testing that we found the first ways of making improvements to this model.

In addition to these difficult improvements in driver production, we have replaced the second woofer with our patented Spider-Cone™ woofer.

As with all our models, we decided to continue researching ways of improving the crossover as well. The final sonic improvements as a result of these collective changes are greater clarity, speed as well as greater bass extension without giving up any of the famed musical quality and rhythm inherent in all our designs.

The final reward for this painstaking effort is presented here in our Mozart Grand Symphony Edition, beautifully finished with selected real wood veneers, as well as with true piano lacquer. 



4 Ohms

Frequency response

30Hz – 22kHz


90 dB

Recommended Amplifier

30 – 200 Watts


1.1” Hand Coated VA Silk Dome

Mid-Woofers (1) 

6” X3P, (2) 6” Spider-Cone™ X3P

Bass Function

Impulse Optimizing QB 3 (Quasi-Butterworth)

Bass System

Bass Reflex

Crossover System

Two and a Half Way

Crossover Components

MKP Capacitor 1% Tolerance

Coils 0.7% tol., Air Coils

Metal Film Resistors 1% Inductance Free

Weight per Pair


Dimensions (W x H x D)

inches 8.5” x 38.25” 13.5”

mm 216mm x 972mm x 343mm


Cherry, Premium Rosewood, Piano Black and Piano White