Simply HiFi Cable Lifters $120 for Pack of 6 (Includes freight within Australia)


All cables form an electrical field around them and this adversely effects the sound when they lie on the floor. In addition, external vibrations, which we may not perceive, effect cables and electronics placed on the floor. By lifting cables off the floor, these vibrations and electrical fields are minimised. This results in midrange clarity, better definition in the bass and more air.

Our cable risers come standard with a peel off / Stick on cork base to suit wooden floors and Spikes to suit carpeted floors. In addition, the point of contact between the cable and the riser is minimal once again minimising the potential of vibration transferred.

Our cable risers are made right here in Perth, Western Australia by 2 Audiophiles , who love their music.

Please remember A SYSTEM IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS WEAKEST LINK. Having said that, if your room is bright, and not conducive to good sound, System poorly set up, the gains using cable risers will not be appreciable. On the other hand if you have a moderate to good system, in a decent room, the gains will be very satisfying.