Michell GyroDec Turntable


The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during
many years of development to the
current level of performance. The Michell GyroDec is a
three-point spring-suspended turntable
of medium mass, which is compatible with most quality
tone arms in existence. Earlier
GyroDecs can always be brought up to present spec, and
every modern GyroDec can be
upgraded to almost the status of the mighty Orbe.
• Single acrylic chassis, aluminium suspended subchassis
with stabilized operation and
internally isolated suspension turrets
• Impedance-matched acrylic/vinyl platter, with brass
weights for high inertia
• Record clamp
• Oil-pumping inverted bearing
• Custom arm boards available for most tonearms
• High-quality standalone DC motor
• Finished in: Clear or tinted acrylic with aluminium metal
parts, or in black acrylic with black
and bronze metal parts
Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 53 (w) x 41 (d) x 19 (h) cms / With lid fully
opened 53 (w) x 49 (d) x 55 (h) cms.