Kiseki Cartridge Blue NS


The Kiseki Blue N.S. is the first “new style” Kiseki cartridge ever. The typical, but shorter, Kiseki body is machined out of solid aluminium, the motor is built from the best available parts today. Two years of experimenting, testing all possible choices of materials and techniques to result in a better new Kiseki Blue. A Kiseki Blue which surpasses the results of the original Kiseki Blue from the 80’s ánd of the more recent Kiseki Blue N.O.S. Only then we felt we had a reason to produce this Kiseki Blue N.S.

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Stylus Tip Radius
Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA)
Output Voltage
Internal Impedance
Frequency Response
Channel Balance
Channel Separation
Tracking Ability
315 Hz
2.6g Tracking Force
Dynamic Compliance
Recommended Loading
Recommended Tracking Force
Optimum Tracking Force