Edwyn Turntable TT3



The TT3 has a heavy platter and record stabiliser which help maintain constant speed, essential for a turntable.  Cutting lathes for recoding analogue are tangential. It stands to reason, that a tone arm should closely resemble the way the LP was originally cut . From a mechanical point, the less contact area of moving surface compatable with bearing the load, the lower the friction. In a Unipivot arm there are no points of contact between the armtube and the rest of the turntable beyond the top of a metal spike on which the arm balances (and this is why the arm cable exists via a loop at the top of the housing as there is no means of it passing through this spike). Our TT3 boasts a 10 inch Carbon Fibre Unipivot arm , unheard of at this price point. And, because of their design, no anti skating force need be applied. Being Carbon Fibre, it is ultra-stiff and light – ideal for precise tracking without picking up external noise. And, because of their design, no anti skating force need be applied.

The plinth is constructed out of Acrylic adding to the already stunning aesthetics and enhances the inertness, and anti-resonance of the turntable.

To complete the package, a quality aluminium carry case is supplied.



  • Construction details    Acrylic base , Aluminium platter, Digital speed display
  • Platter                             50mm thick   5.8 KG
  • Dimensions                   480 L X 380 W x 165 H
  • Speeds                            Variable adjustable 33 ⅓, 45 , 78 RPM
  • Drive unit                       12 Volt DC  Motor- Belt Drive
  • Bearing                            Floating Magnetic bearing
  • Nett Weight                    Approx 18 kgs


  •  Construction details    10 inch Carbon Fibre, unipivot with adjustable height