Edwyn Turntables

The goal of Edwyn Turntables is to provide the user with performance, aesthetics and value for money. The models TT3 and TT1 are an example. 

The function of a turntable is to

  •    1) Maintain constant speed without wow and flutter,
  •    2) Not add any signature of its own caused by a resonant platter and /or plinth.

To achieve this

  •     a) The use of a very heavy and damped platter helps to maintain constant speed with no ringing.
  •     b) A heavy and non-resonant plinth  to insure isolation
  •     c) A high quality bearing with no tolerance to ensure speed consistency and lower rumble.

The function of a tonearm is to

Support the cartridge at the correct height and angle so as to allow the cartridge to track in the centre of the groove all the way to the centre of the LP maintaining that correct position.

To achieve this many obstacles need to be overcome

  • a) Most tonearms are 9inch, J shaped, 9 inch S shaped or 9 inch            straight. The natural tendency of such tonearms is to pull towards the centre of the record. Anti skating force is a force applied in the opposite direction to correct that inward pull, thereby allowing the cartridge to track in the centre of the groove.
  • b) The bearing of the tonearm has to be super precise so as not to add any additional pressure or weight to the arm which in turn will impede its tracking ability.
  • c) There are cables that run through the tonearm that attach to the cartridge. These need to be very flexible and lightweight so that they don’t impede the tracking of the arm.
  • d) The arm tube needs to be ultra stiff and light to ensure precise tracking. It should also be impervious to external noise.

As one can see from the aforementioned, the functions of a Tonearm is not such a simple job.

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