432 Evo


If one is a beer drinker, one would know that some of the best beers in the world come from Belgium. We now have a High End Reference Music Server/Ripper also from that beautiful country.

One might be forgiven for thinking “432 EVO” is a somewhat strange name for a manufacturer of High End Streamers/Transports. However, there is a perfectly authentic and valid explanation for this.

During historical periods, when instrumental music rose to prominence ( relative to voice ), they were tuned to 432Hz and it is known as Tuning Note ”A” and” A” = 432. A live unamplified orchestra can only play as loud as the instruments in it will allow. To increase the perceived loudness, instruments were later tuned to 440Hz. This increase in Pitch sounds sharper, louder, but also more aggressive, which is not a desirable quality for Audiophiles.

Today’s music is mostly composed and performed using 440Hz tuning. However, there are many performers who are reverting back to the Tuning Note “A” namely 432Hz as they have realised the gains to be achieved quality wise. The famous Stradivarius violin was said to have been built in tune to the “A” =432Hz.

All 432 EVO models allow the user to convert music on the fly into the better sounding 432Hz. For purists, bit perfect  mode is offered on par with the best CD  transports, or up sampling only mode for those who wish to tune the sound.  All models are live switchable.

The EVO can run Roon and Logitech Media Server ( LMS ) and all current shipments include a Roon installation (sans license). Note that the EVO is not “Roon Ready” – it runs the Roon Core so you get the advantage of the metadata and Roon presentation layer, but the Roon rendering cannot be used. Instead, the rendering is done with 432EVO’s own proprietary “SQi” renderer and upsampler. It is this SQi renderer that gives you the 432 Hz tuning, but in reality, the SQi renderer is used for all “A” tuning frequencies. You can easily switch between Roon and LMS within about 10 seconds.

The EVO also has an upsampling process which offers 10 selectable filters including its new Archimago stage filters. The many different tunings work with any music the EVO can play, independent of the source – Tidal, Qobuz, Internet Radio, files, etc., and any other service that has an LMS plug-in

There are 4 models in the range.  All models including the Standard include 2TB SSD  storage with internal ripping facility. All models can be upgraded to models above,  within the warranty period.

432 EVO MASTER :Triple Linear Power Supply with 3 independent buffered ultra low noise, ultra fast DC rails for Server, USB output and Superclock. Best in class music server with high-end USB 3.0 output clocked by a separate dedicated low jitter superclock. Software jitter tuning, dedicated audio processing core and tuned realtime audio kernel.2 TB SSD on spring suspension system & sata filtering. Bitperfect output or custom sampling up to 24/768 with SQi and/or 432Hz post processing.

432 EVO AEON: similar to MASTER but with two Sbooster BotW mk 2 linear power supplies , one for server and one for USB plus Superclock

432 HIGH-END: similar to AEON but with integrated clock on high-end USB output card instead of dedicated superclock board.

432 EVO Standard: Includes a single Sbooster BotW mk2 linear power supply, HDMI audio and USB 2.0 audio output. Includes a single Sbooster BotW mk2 linear power supply, HDMI audio and USB 2.0 audio output.