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Vienna Acoustics

August 8, 2021

Vienna is the “City of Music” and the finest orchestras in the world bring their sonic delights to this beautiful city.  No other city in the world can lay claim to being the birthplace of Western Classical Music  –  Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss………. the list goes on and on.  Therefore it should not come as a […]

Kharma Midi Exquisite SI/Chord Ultima 2/PS Audio/Analysis Plus

February 21, 2021

I have spent many hours with these speakers and here are my findings. At the outset, let me state that they are the best speakers in have heard in my room , which is quite large. Let me trisect the tonal quality of these speakers. Starting  with the BASS .  I do like a full […]


August 11, 2019


Relocation Clearance Sale of all Demo Products

March 18, 2019

All items are in excellent condition, and in original packaging POWER AMPLIFIERS / PRE AMPLIFIERS / INTEGRATED AMPLIFIERS   CABLES – INTERCONNECTS, SPEAKER, DIGITAL & POWER Kimber Carbon Interconnect WBT114 CU Connectors 1m pr  .75m  – rrp $836 – sale $499 Analysis Plus Copper Oval IN Micro XLR/XLR 1.5m – rrp $720  – sale $450 […]

Chord Dave Dac/Pre-Amp

October 25, 2017

Chord Electronics, not to be confused with the Chord Cable Company, are a UK Company who excel in the manufacture of Hi Fi equipment.  All their products are engineered and manufactured in the UK.  Their amplifiers are rated amongst the best

Analysis Plus Ultimate Power Oval Cable

October 25, 2017

Yes it is a power cable and yes it is expensive, but once used in a revealing system, it would be extremely hard to go back to anything else.  In essense, it has a balance design to lower common mode noise.  A unique feature of the Company’s hollow oval design is that