I have spent many hours with these speakers and here are my findings. At the outset, let me state that they are the best speakers in have heard in my room , which is quite large.

Let me trisect the tonal quality of these speakers.

Starting  with the BASS .  I do like a full and powerful bass. This is the first speaker that I have auditioned in my room and I have not felt the need to add a high end Sub Woofer . The bass is tuneful and has a beautiful bloom to it. It is also super-fast, if that is the word for it. I have had speakers claiming to go down to 20 hz , but have never felt bass like I have with these- and all from 2 8inch Nomex Kevlar drivers.

The detail from the MID-RANGE is once again the best I have heard. In addition, the presence when listening to vocals, and the tonal balance is superb. This is one speaker that has incredible detail and inner detail and yet never sounds harsh. This, combined with the speed and dynamics gets you closer to  live music. I guess the  7 inch Kharma Omega driver is responsible for this.

The TOP END  is sweet and airy courtesy of the 1inch Diamond concave tweeter.

The finish and attention to detail on these speakers is a work of Art. Karma’s theory that the sound from the drivers should not be influenced by the cabinet is spot on. The weight of these speakers attest to that.

However, excelling in all the above means nothing unless the  speaker and the system as a whole gives one a cohesive sound , without one frequency dominating. This in turn results in Transparency and this is where these Midis have it in spades. Combine this with the  dynamics and transient response and you have Kharma Exquisite Midi 2.1 S.