VPI TNT MKIII with Flywheel/Graham 1.5T Tonearm (Used) $3,500.00 – SOLD



Ever wished to own one of the best Turntable/Tonearm combination in the world, well wait no longer, and at this price it surely is a steal.

It even comes with a spare motor, and the upgraded SME to RCA phono cable.

This Turntable was traded on a $65k unit (that’s right).  There is one slight blemish on this otherwise excellent unit. The pillar to which the antiskating string is attached had snapped.  This has since been re-soldered and has absolutely no bearing on the sound quality.

There are numerous user reviews on the net – all of which relate to the standard MKIII without flywheel and all of which sing it’s praises.  This unit comes with the flywheel, Graham 1.5T Tonearm and the upgraded SME to RCA phono interconnect.