Unison Research Primo


Unico primo is a hybrid integrated stereo amplifier capable of delivering 85W RMS

Continuous on an 8ohm load with both the channels driven (as usual for Unison Research declared

Power will be lower in order to keep our promises in every condition); with impulsive and non

Correlated signals (i.e. a real musical signal) the maximum power will be even higher.

Thoughts arisen some time ago, during the design of Reference power amplifier, induced the

Unison Research technical staff to deeply investigate the sonic performances of ECC83/12AX7

Double triode in particular configurations. These investigations led the designer to the idea of using

This kind of triode in Unico line instead of ECC82/12AU7.

So we started a series of experiments on the on-production products, taking the best of our long

time experience and of the result of or tests.

Unico primo shares with UnicoP a design based on a single double triode, however in the new born

amplifier the input and preamplifier stage has been tailor suited on a ECC83/12AX7 tube (whose

characteristics are quite different from ECC82’s ones).

Power supply has been revised increasing power transformer and filter capacitors in order to

Improved dynamics, bass response, driving capability.

Just to make this little amp (it represents the entry level piece of Unico series) a well equipped

fighter against his competitors the design includes a low impedance active stereo output dedicated to

an active subwoofer or any other line-level input and the option to convert one of the line input to a

phono input thanks to a easy to install RIAA preamplifier board.

The aesthetical line featuring black hairlined aluminium chassis give’s the Unico primo a smart look, nicely finishing of the surface and perfect proportions typical of an Italian style design.

The aluminium chassis ensures high rigidity too with improved sonic performances and spurious

vibrations dumping thanks to the three point suspension.

Unison Research technical staff has put all its efforts in this project with the ambitious aim of

putting in a little amplifier all the knowledge, all the technology and all the passion they instill in the

top level award winning devices.

Technical characteristics

Output power: 85W RMS on 8

Frequency response: -0.1dB @ 10Hz, – 0.5dB @ 100kHz

Input stage: Pure A Class Tube stage (1 x ECC83/12AX7)

Output stage: Dynamic A Class POWER MOSFET complementary pair

Inputs: 5 line unbalanced (1 phono optional)

Line Outputs: 1 tape, 1 sub (volume controlled)

Outputs connectors: 4 + 4 bi-wiring

Power consumption: 340W max

Dimensions: 43.5cm x 9.5cm x 43cm