Unison Research CDE


The latest CD Player from Unison Research, and already the recipient of `Best Buy` and top-star awards. Developed from the long-running and highly succesful Unico CD, but now with a larger chassis, superior smooth transport mechanism and beefed-up circuit components.

4 x twin-triode valves in the audio output circuit give a big, highly detailed and generous sound . For its build quality, price and for all-round musical performance the Unico CDE is probably the best CD player on the market. And its excellent DAC stage and its quartet of  tubes give the sound a beguiling touch of air, space and grace.

This is a heavy machine, with large power supply, fully enclosed and shielded mechanism and impeccable build-quality.  A dual-mono DAC version of the CDE is available for those seeking the ultimate performance from this fine, natural-sounding player.