Sonique Diamond 550 SE (Used) $1,299 – Set of 3


These speakers were originally purchased from us and are in great condition.  They had a cult following a few years ago and were a reference speaker in their day.

We have boxes for the 2 front speakers, but not for the centre.  And yes, the centre speaker is jarrah finish, while the 2 front are finished in black oak.

Originally sold for $2,499 a pair

Technical Specifications:

Drivers: 2 x 134mm bass/mid drivers, 1 x 26mm dual concentric tweeter.

Cabinet Configuration: 2-way, 3-driver, trapezoidial time aligned, rear ported.

Frequency Response: 55-20kHz (+/-3dB)

Power Handling: 220 watts RMS (maximum)

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Crossover Type: Minimum phase, 1st order

Sensitivity: 90dB

Crossover Frequency: 2800H