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The PS Audio PowerBase is a clever device incorporating 2 functions.

Firstly,  it is an isolation platform on which one can place any Audio component, CD Player, DAC, Pre Amp, Power Amp or Conditioner.  In the case of smaller components eg PS Audio’s 0wn DAC and Transport, both units can be placed above each other on top of the PowerBase.

Secondly, it is a Power Conditioner in it’s own right.  Think of it as a Conditioner dedicated to the component placed on it.  The only consideration required is that the maximum weight the PowerBase will accept is 40 kg.

The benefits of the PowerBase are, cleaner dynamics, space between instruments, soundstage and vocals.  Tube equipment, turntables and cd players will benefit by the lowering of smearing and grunge associated with microphonics of equipment.


  • Dual isolation system
  • Floating 20 pound solid steel equipment platform
  • Dual sets of tuned Sorbothane supports
  • Perfect for CD players and transports
  • Turntables
  • Source equipment
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power Plants
  • 40 dB rejection of common and differential mode noise
  • Handles up to 40 kgs
  • Isolate and power up to 2 pieces of equipment
  • Remarkable improvement in sound quality


  • 43 cm x 36 cm x 6 cm (w x d x h)
  • 11 kgs

This PowerBase is in as new condition with all original packaging.

At $749, this is approximately half rrp

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