PS Audio PerfectWave Bridge

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Playing high-end audio just got a whole lot more fun

The PerfectWave Network Bridge allows PWD I and PWD II owners to enter the world of connected audio and rediscover their music in a fun way that has no compromises.  You aren’t tied to a computer, you can store and access your music from anywhere in the house, you can connect either wirelessly or wired, and perhaps for the first time in a very long time, you’ll be having more fun with your collection than you have in years.


Just for the fun of it

There was a time in many of our customers lives that playing music was a more rewarding experience than it is now following the advent of the CD and CD player.

In days past, the vinyl experience would include pulling out the record and reading the cover and liner notes as the music played in all its analog glory.  When the CD came into existence it brought with it a new world of possibilities and a mix of performance enhancements but we lost some of the original vinyl pleasures.  With the PS Audio Bridge, the fun is back.

The PerfectWave Bridge and PWD combo will change everything in your system and allow you to build a glorious musical library your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.  Think of the difference between thumbing through the collection of CD’s in your shelf compared with the fun of having your library and artist information right at your finger tips with the hand held controller.

And with the Network Bridge you are no longer tethered to a computer to build your high-resolution media server.  The PerfectWave Bridge permits placement of one, two or any number of DACS and Bridges anywhere in your home – accessing music stored on your network.  Now you can focus on what you really want, music and the joy of a high-end audio system.

With the PS eLyric system you can build playlists, compilations, listen to radio, sort through everything that’s high-resolution, listen to music and artists as never before.  For perhaps the first time the thrill and discovery of a music library system comes alive in your hands and you never have to worry that you’re missing something in the performance.

The PerfectWave Bridge can handle any sample rate and bit depth from 44.1kHz 16 bit all the way up to 192kHz 32 bit without breaking a sweat.  Used with our eLyric software that’s been installed on your personal computer or with our Plug and PlayPerfectWave Silent Server, the PerfectWave Bridge is easy to configure and use with music from your entire digital library ready to play at your finger tips.

Compare the sound of a CD or DVD disc through the PerfectWave DAC to the same recordings through the Bridge and the Bridge might sound even a touch better as digital music stored on a hard drive can be superior to that of a CD or DVD.