PS Audio Digital Link III DAC

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it displays a sweetness and warmth which consistently locks into the heart of a musical performance.”  Ian Harris, Hi Fi Plus

The DLIII is an award winning Media DAC that accepts inputs from any digital source including USB from any computer and connects to your system’s preamplifier with either single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connections.  Used with our eLyric Music Manager software and iPhone app, the DLIII becomes your entry into the world of high-end digital audio music.  Perhaps no other affordable high-end solution gives this much fun and value.

Performance is unmatched at anywhere near the DLIII’s price.  In fact, the Digital Link III is the best sounding affordable DAC we have ever produced in our 21 years of building media players.  Sweet, open spacious and effortless, this device will bring the life back into your music and all at the touch of a finger.


The DLIII is high-end all the way

The DLIII is a killer Media DAC featuring the latest fully balanced sigma delta digital to analog converter, the TI PCM1798DB at its heart.  This stunning new generation of 192kHz processors from Texas Instruments features 24-Bit resolution, 123dB dynamic performance and its rated THD is a stunningly low 0.0005%.  It comes with differential outputs and an 8 times oversampling filter, providing exceptionally lifelike audio.

Our engineers based the DLIII around this amazing DAC engine, and designed an all new input circuit and receiver, a 100% discrete output stage and a huge power supply to finish it off.

This is true high-end.  You won’t find any chip op amps in this product.

Input circuitry and sample rate