POLK AUDIO Legend L800 Loudspeaker – Sale Price $6,999 (Black) 1 only


The Polk Legend Series utilizes the next generation of Polk patented SDA technology with enhanced Power Port technology and the latest of intensely engineered Polk drivers and tweeters all with integrated Atmos ready towers. Delivering unrivaled imaging, detail and bass response, the Legend Series is perfect for stereo listening or home theater. Featuring the new Pinnacle tweeter, Turbine Cone, Enhanced Power Port and SDA-Pro, Legend Series transforms your living room into the live rock concert, blockbuster movie, or an intimate jazz club.

Polk’s goal since its founding has been to build great loudspeakers that virtually transforms the listener’s room into the scene of the recorded performance. To meet this challenge, Polk engineers and designers must constantly innovate and agonize over every detail. Nothing is left to chance and nothing unnecessary is ever added. The results are best-in-class loudspeakers that outperform their competition for half the price, earning numerous awards, patents, and most importantly Polk speaker owners that swear by the brand. Don’t take our word for it – come audition and you’ll believe.



40 plus years of tweeter innovation, design and prototyping has led to the development of the new 1” high definition Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter. Developed by Polk Audio, it delivers ultra-clear, crisp highs without unwanted coloration or distortions. The Pinnacle tweeter features a finely tuned waveguide that dramatically improves the dispersion of high frequency energy ensuring a broad “sweet spot” and while the critically damped rear-chamber helps to defeat any unwanted resonances. Hi-Res certified, the Pinnacle Tweeter is designed for today’s two-channel music listening as well as multi-channel 3D audio found in music, movies, sports, and video games soundtracks


Polk developed the new Turbine cone specifically for the Legend series to ensure the natural reproduction of the mid-range, the frequencies our ears are so sensitive to. The Turbine cone combines Polk’s proprietary foam core and the molded Turbine geometry which dramatically increases stiffness and damping, without adding mass, resulting in a smooth, detailed mid-range and effortless bass – hear every detail.



Traditional bass ports make noise (chuff) and mask the low frequency bass notes you want to hear. The new enhanced Power Port® design smoothly transitions air flow from the speaker into your listening area for louder, cleaner bass while minimizing turbulence, distortion, and port noise. Polk refined their current Power Port technology specifically for the Legend series by fine-tuning the geometry of the port flare. Hear and feel the difference; Polk Enhanced Power Port® produces less port noise and more powerful clean bass than traditionally ported loudspeakers. Dual high-excursion, long throw woofers deliver deep, tight, effortless bass for music and home theater.



For the ultimate listening experience, the Legend Series has options for the front stage of any home theater or as side and rear surrounds. Fully compatible with: Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS:X, DTS:X Virtual, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, IMAX Enhanced and Auro-3D.

The Legend L900 Height Module is Dolby Atmos certified and designed to meet DTS:X specification. Traditional height speakers and toppers orient their tweeter and woofer vertically, resulting in a small “sweet spot” and can leave you underwhelmed. The L900 Height Module’s horizontal orientation ensures both the phase and time alignment for the tweeter and the woofer deliver a large “sweet spot” for a truly immersive experience.



SDA PRO, the next evolution of SDA, features a 15-degree baffle that angles both the stereo and dimensional arrays. By angling the baffle, Polk Audio has enhanced the quality of the stereo arrays by aiming them more precisely towards the listener (similar to toeing a pair of speakers). It also allows for a narrower speaker (reduces the width by 25%) while still maintaining the correct width and positioning of the dimensional array. To improve interaural crosstalk (IAC) cancellation, we have enhanced the bandwidth of the dimensional array to more completely match the relevant frequencies of the IAC through the use of paired tweeters in addition to paired mid-woofers. In addition, L800 employs special “Head Shadow” filters in the Dimensional array to more exactly match (and hence cancel) the IAC.

Driver Enclosure Type: Power Port Bass Vented with Sealed Midrange
Driver Complement:
(2) 1″ (2.54 cm) d (Round) Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter
(2) 5.25″ (13.34 cm) d (Round) Turbine Cone Midrange
(2) 10″ (17.78 cm) d (Round) Mid/Woofer
Recommended Amplifier Power Setting: 100W
Total Frequency Response: 25 Hz – 50,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance Range: 2.8 ohms – 4 ohms
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 87 dB
Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 32 Hz – 38,000 Hz
Crossover Type: 3-way Orth Crossover
Peak Power Handling: 300 watts
Midrange/Woofer Crossover Frequency: 370 Hz
Tweeter/Midrange Crossover Frequency: 2800 Hz
Power Handling (per channel): 25 watts – 300 watts
A/V Receiver Crossover Settings: Large (0 Hz)
Dimensions (HWD): 48.6″ x 17.94″ x 17.38″
Weight: 118 lbs.