Parasound Z Phono -USB Pre-Amplifier & Digital Interface (Used) $400.00



The Parasound Zphono USB is a high-quality MM/MC preamp with an A-D converter and USB output for digital transfer
to a PC or Mac. Its unique USB clipping indicator and gain control assure the highest quality with any recording software.
You can defeat its RIAA EQ if you prefer software-based EQ. Its rumble filter and stereo/mono select will extract the best
sound from every LP in your collection. Two line inputs enable easy recording of line level sources, too.

This Parasound Z Phono was purchased from us about 2 years ago and is in excellent condition.  It is extremely versatile both as a MM/MC Phonostage and also as a A to D converter for recording vinyl to a PC.

  1.  USB output for recording your vinyl collection to a PC or Mac
  2.  USB gain adjust control for superior sound with any recording software
  3.  USB clip indicator to prevent A-D overload, assures lowest distortion
  4.  Rumble filter switch and stereo/mono switch
  5.  RIAA defeat switch enables more accurate software-based RIAA equalization
  6.  Works with MM-47 k ohm, MC-47 k ohm or MC-100 ohm cartridges
  7.  2 line level audio inputs for recording via USB (Tape, Tuner, Sat Radio, etc.)
  8.  Headphone output for monitoring while recording
  9.  Dual analog power supplies for lower noise and superior sound quality.
  10.  AC polarity reverse switch helps eliminate hum in many systems

Comes with original packaging.

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