NHT XD Loudspeaker System – (Used) $2,799 – SOLD

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The NHT XD System is an active speaker system with DSP based crossovers and inherent phase/time and room correction.

The XD System is designed from the ground up to incorporate DEQX Calibration. This is a DSP technology for loudspeaker correction and incorporates very steep linear phase digital crossovers.

The amplifier section of the NHT XdA contains four PowerPhysics One-Cycle Sound™ amplifiers that supply high-efficiency bi-amplification of stereo channels and two balanced,line-level output channels for the woofer(s). PowerPhysics™ proprietary Class D amplifier is compact and highly efficient, generating the bare minimum of heat, allowing NHT to put all electronics into a single chassis measuring 2.6″H x 17″W.

The diminutive (10.25″H x 6.5″W x 8.5″D) NHT XdS satellite speaker features a two-way acoustic suspension design that houses an ultra-low distortion 5.25″ midrange and 1″ neodymium tweeter. A massive heat sink is attached to the rear of the tweeter to provide substantial power handling while the cabinet baffle itself is molded from a dense, sonically neutral composite material designed for far-reaching sound dispersion. Each satellite is bi-amplified, with the midrange and tweeter each powered by an individual amplifier.

Rounding out the NHT Xd system is the NHT XdW powered bass module, comprised of two active, opposed 10-inch drivers and a PowerPhysics 500W amplifier. Unlike other powered woofers, the XdW features only three controls – volume trim, balanced input and voltage selection. (Crossover functions such as frequency response, phase, crossover point and time-domain filtering are managed by the DEQX processor in the XdA.)

DEQX Calibration™: Why and what for?
In short, DEQX Calibration measures loudspeaker and room acoustics using the company’s unique methodology, with special filters that simultaneously correct all frequencies in time as well as phase and frequency response to optimize system performance. As a result, sound is dispersed across a much wider stage without being tied down to a narrow sweet spot. The mechanical errors inherent in all loudspeaker drivers are largely eliminated, providing a strikingly natural sound. Additionally, imaging is articulate and defined while distortion is reduced to previously unattainable low levels that are usually associated with electronics components, not speakers.

This high end speaker system will perform superbly in all environments large and small.

Very good condition.