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Musical Fidelity Roundtable, originally sold for $1,299.00 in Australia.

It comes with an Audio Technica 95E Cartridge fitted to the tone arm, which is a high quality low resonance 9” pickup arm (magnetic anti-skating) with steel tipped bearings housed in zirconium with rubber damping, not dissimilar in principle to the Incabloc shock protection system on watches. The vertical bearings are ABEC7 ball bearings.

Musical Fidelity has a long heritage of designing exceptional turntables and the Round Table is no exception: Produced to Musical Fidelity’s bespoke specification, the new turntable also includes a unique feature.

Much effort has be made to ensure that, for the first time, all of the decks components have been designed and placed to guarantee that the product is perfectly, statically balanced and that its centre of gravity is at the pivot point of the main bearing.

Other top spec components include: a polished high carbon tool steel bearing – for an exceptional long life and friction free performance – an extremely inert chassis and suspension system and a very high quality pick up arm, usually used on products several price categories higher.

The platter is made from finely machined high density MDF and has high mass and low resonance. The plinth is made from similar bulky low resonance material. The feet are also part of the isolation system.

The Roundtable offers a stable low resonance platform for vinyl disc playing.

Additionally, the Round Table has another unique feature. The main platter bearing is the centre of a turntable’s universe. It’s the point around which everything rotates and everything focused. The Round Table is physically balanced around this point.

The motor, belt and main platter bearing are all selected for complimentary characteristics.

With turntables there is almost nothing new…everything has been done before. Almost… the central balancing feature is, unique. They have put a very high quality pickup arm with a well regarded cartridge which matches the arm’s characteristics exceptionally well. The turntable system itself has excellent isolation properties, low resonance, high stability and consistency.

The Audio Technica 95E phonograph cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail. Reviewers have rated this affordable, high-performance cartridge as a best buy value. Manufactured to Audio-Technica’s renowned quality standards, each cartridge is meticulously assembled with remarkably tight tolerances. The elliptical diamond stylus is designed to track record grooves with high accuracy for outstanding audio reproduction.

Click here for Musical Fidelity Roundtable Manual

Roundtable Mini review

On another tread of mine discussing the merits of the Denon DL-110 MC cart. I mentioned that I was going to mount it on the above turntable that I ordered from Music Direct. This turntable was originally listed to sell for $1,000. It was on sale for $399, now $450. I was skeptical but decided to give one a try. Music Direct has a return policy so I wasn’t to concerned. This table is manufactured by Pro-Ject, that was a concern also. So I know there are those that want to know is it a $1,000 turntable for $399. Maybe, it is certainly better than a lot of Pro-jects own turntables. The tonearm is robust with no plastic parts, it has two adjustment screws on the base to adjust arm height, this is certainly more secure than just a single screw. The platter is made from MDF but doesn’t look it. I have owned mostly vintage tables with heavy alloy platters so the thought of a MDF platter was off putting. I have to say though that it is heavy enough and has natural damping properties. The fit and finish of this turntable are superb. So to answer the question is it a $1,000 turntable? very close. It is truly a bargain.The only disappointing thing is, the Roundtable comes with a AT-95E cart. that I was replacing with the Denon cart. I swear the cartridge clips were glued to the pins, as a result, two of the four clips broke. Now I have to get out the soldering iron (when I’m not shaky from two much coffee)so no listening for now….
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