Musical Fidelity AI FBP Pre Amplifier (Used) $1,299.00 – SOLD

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This fully balanced pre amplifier, originally purchased from us, comprises of two boxes with its external power supply being housed in a case of it’s own.

It uses 4 stage choke to further condition AC power.  The AI  FBP has numerous features.

  • Moving coil/moving magnet phonostage
  • USB input – inbuilt DAC
  • Home Theatre by-pass
  • Balanced and Single ended outputs
  • Two sets of balanced inputs and 4 sets of single ended inputs
  • Due to it’s FBP design, it is capable of driving long interconnects to a power amplifier.

This unit is in very condition, and comes with it’s original packaging.

At $1,299.00, this very versatile and user friendly pre amplifier is excellent value.

Consignment sale.