Mark Levison 33H Mono Amplifiers (Pr)(Used) $12,990.00 – SOLD

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Rarely does an amplifier of this quality come onto the used market.  In this instance the customer is downsizing and does not have the real estate to accommodate these beautiful, State Of The Art Amplifiers.

Originally sold by us, about 8 years ago, they are in very good condition, and a credit to their owner.

Having sold both the ML33 and ML 33H, there are obvious comparisons to be made.

In short the 33H in my opinion has a better mid range and top end whereas the 33 has better bass control. This does not mean the 33H has poor bass control.  On the contrary, it has terrific bass control and only when compared to the 33 can one tell the difference.  In all honesty, I have never heard an amp with better bass control than the 33.

The 33H is a favourite 0f mine as it has a grainless mid range, sweet and extended top end without any harshness. It also has speed and agility making it very musical.

Become one 0f the very few to own this masterpiece, and at $12,990.00 it is affordable and a good buy.

Consignment sale, no boxes.

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