Linn Akurate DS Streamer/Pre Amp/DAC/Internet Radio (Used) $1,999


This one owner Unit is in very good condition.  These Units originally sold for $12,000.

At $1,999 it is a steal.

Akurate DS is a digital music player that converts the highest quality formats into exceptionally faithful musical performances, setting the benchmark for music enthusiasts who value audio performance above all. The latest Akurate DS player features a new ultra-low jitter master clock and completely redesigned audio board which maximises the potential of the dac and reproduces stereo music with huge dynamic range and extremely low levels of distortion.

Akurate DS supports all popular digital music types, excelling with the highest quality recording formats such as studio Masters. enjoy high quality internet radio streams and podcasts through your akurate ds and discover the difference a truly high fidelity digital music player can make to the latest online and on-demand  music services. Select your favourite interface from the huge range of compatible uPnP products – from a computer or touchscreen tablet to the latest smartphone – and enjoy album art and playlist control of your entire music collection.

Featuring the highest quality balanced, unbalanced and digital outputs, and housed in a stunning precision-engineered enclosure, Akurate DS has the supreme build quality and software upgradeability that ensures this is a music player engineered to last.

Akurate DS has to be heard to be believed – audition it alongside our other akurate components to experience for yourself why the Linn Akurate System is the true performance choice for music lovers. If you’re serious about hi-fi, you need a source that preserves every last musical detail and gets the most from high resolution material.

Pick your favourite mobile device and download an app to control your Linn system and choose music, browse artwork, create playlists … control your music wirelessly from any room. Forget format confusion and play any digital music on your Linn. Send any audio from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Do you have an iTunes library? Or do you use your iPhone or iPad to play music? Add a Linn to your home network and instantly play it all wirelessly through a real music system.

If you use online streaming apps like Spotify, Netflix or YouTube, no problem. Just use our Songcast app to send it all to your Linn. Even better, if you have a dedicated hard drive or NAS you can play all your music from any device in your home and never have to worry about switching things on or off.


  • Plays digital music over a standard Ethernet network
  • Streams internet radio, podcasts and ‘listen again’ broadcasts
  • Decodes FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3, WMA, AIFF, AAC and OGG audio formats with up to 24-bit 192 kHz native sample rate
  • Plays computer audio via Linn Songcast app e.g. iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer
  • Songcast support allows synchronised playback of audio around the home
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs
  • Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Precision-engineered enclosure offers exceptional acoustic properties
  • Compatible with UPnP™ media servers and UPnP™ AV 1.0 control point

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