Karan Acoustics KAS400 Power Amplifier

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This stereo power amplifier is a result of significant improvement in our very successful 270W model. Applied solutions, new design and higher quality parts led to further raising of the quality of sound and better control on all frequencies, and especially in the bass area.
Strong power source with two completely armored torodial transformers and a group of capacitors with high reserve of 132.000 µF guarantee strong, fast and incredibly controlled sound regardless of the type of loudspeakers that are being used. Producing 420 watts per channel of uncolored high-current output power into 8 ohms (660 wpc into 4 ohms), the KA S 400 will drive any loudspeaker to its maximum capabilities with incredible ease.

Technical data:
* 8 ultra fast Sanken RET output power devices per channel, with a total current capability of 160 Amperes;
* 8 stages of voltage regulation;
* Current feedback topology, with no overall feedback and with only 0.03% Intermediation distortion (IMD) at rated power output into 8 Ohms;
* Each channel uses a 1.000 VA low noise toroidal transformer and 132.000 µF of total capacitance;
* Frequency response DC-300kHz +0, -3 dB;
* S/N ratio better than -112 dB at rated output into 8 Ohms;
* Damping factor better than 6,000:1 into 8 Ohms, 20Hz…20kHz;
* Pink noise power output of 420W/660W/1.200W into 8/4/2 Ohms;
* Input sensitivity: 2V
* Dimensions 500x240x480 mm (19.7?x8.7?x26?) WxHxD
* Dimensions in box 640x250x470 mm WxHxD
* Net weight 52 kg
* Btto weight 64 kg