Karan Acoustics KA I 180 Mk2


This is the latest version of our famous integrated amplifier and it completely reflects our position of what good sound should be like, sacrificing nothing to quality, but in a more modest package for situations when space is at a premium. Also, we recognize the fact that not everybody needs, or can afford, the most powerful of amplifiers we make. The KA I 180 Mk2 is the ultimate Integrated Amplifier. New design rated at 180 watts/channel into 8 ohms, or 300 watts/channel into 4 ohms offering superb control, authority, finesse and pure natural sound. Using new technologies developed since the introduction of the first KA I 180, new integrated provides much more sonic transparency, more accuracy and more music than old version. Definitely, the latest version has warmth and naturalness that must be heard to be believed. For even better sound you should try with our pre/power combinations.

Technical data:
* Completely balanced topology with no overall feedback
* Channel separated power supplies from a custom-moulded 680 VA toroidal power transformer, 80.000 µF filter bank and four stages of stabilization;
* Frequency response DC-300kHz +0, -3dB
* S/N ratio better than -112 dB;
* Intermodulation distortion less than 0.03% at rated power into 8 Ohms;
* Damping factor better than 1,800:1 into 8 Ohms, 20Hz…20kHz;
* Input sensitivities: RCA-line= 750mV/30k, XLR-line= 1,5V/30k
* Pink noise RMS power 180/300W into 8/4 Ohms;
* Dimensions 500x110x380 mm WxHxD
* Dimensions in box 640x230x470 mm WxHxD
* Net weight 20 kg
* Btto weight 28 kg

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