Jadis JDI, Transport, JSI DAC, Powertek Regulator (Used) $5,400.00

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Jadis JD1

This magnificent CD Transport and DAC are 220v and hence come with a Powertek Regulator.

These products were state of the art 15 years ago and still hold their own on Redbook Playback.

The Transport weighs in at 30kgs.  The overall objective was to protect the laser disc from internal and external vibrations.  The enormous inertia of the JD1 was obtained by assembling opposing ground elements.

The Transport is divided into 3 sections by bronze rods, placed under the points of the 3 main supporting feet – the height of the foot at the back is adjustable.  The upper deck itself suspended in 3 parts makes up a block of 8kgs. The supporting rods for the suspension springs in the star shaped upper deck enclosing the drive coincide with the 2 front supporting feet.   The third spring point is at the centre back coinciding with a supporting foot in chrome steel.

A Philips CDM for mechanism is used.  The laser diode block is mounted at the end of a galvanometric arm controlled by a digital servo controlled system.

By using a very light disc clamp (in metacrylate), the performance of the motor bearing lasts for a much longer time than in the majority of other drives presently on the market.


Jadis JSI

This is a tube based DAC comprising of 2 boxes – with a combined weight of 26 kg.

A standout feature of this DAC is its musicality, due partly to tubes used and its Bitstream technology.