Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK III 6AS7 Integrated Amplifier


This amplifier is based around the 6AS7 Tube.  It is low voltage and high current, allowing the manufacturer to mate it with excellent output transformers.  With 33 watts per channel, it will drive almost any speaker.  Output transformers are hand wound and incorporate a (tertiery output transformer) third winding, which simply put, allows the output transformer to compare both input and output and nulls distortion, thereby dramatically improving performance with no global feedback. It also uses a 274B Valve rectifier for Inky black silence.  The resulting sound is typically warm, very much a triode, being smooth and creamy without being lush.

Dynamics and macro dynamics are exceptionally well detailed and whilst very well suited to Jazz and Orchestral works, has the speed and attack for rock music as well.