Furman P6900 AR E Power Conditioner/Voltage Regulator

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Furman P-6900 AR E, 30 Ampere Voltage regulator / Power Conditioner, regulates between 188 – 270 Volt to 230 Volt, thomann internal noise filter and AC power filter against transients and overload, total 30 Ampere (6900 Watt), Voltmeter, USB charger on the front, 2x Power-Outlet on the Front, 6x power-Outlet on the rear, 2x power-Outlet 16A on the rear, power input by 32A CEE 3 Pol blue, reaction time thomann 1 Nanosecond, LIFT (Linear Filtering Technology), dimensions: 19″ 2 HE, B 483 mm x T 597 mm x 133 mm, weight 26 Kg