Dynavector Phono Stage P-75 MKIII


DV P-75 mkIII New Version Released. The new version features the following improvements :

  • Improved Phono Enhancer circuit, provides better matching to a wider range of cartridges.
  • More gain and loading settings to provide better volume matching with different cartridges.
  • Improved, higher performance gain stage.
  • Even lower noise, lower distortion.
  • Even better RIAA curve matching.
  • Easier layout of jumpers — both channels now identical.
  • Improved internal power supply.
  • Almost fully surface mount construction.
  • Fully RoHS compliant.
  • Improved 2-colour chassis with smooth gloss finish.
  • Updated owner’s manual with more detail. Description The Dynavector P-75 mkIII Phono Stage is a unique entry level phono stage with several outstanding features that ensures the P-75 mkIII will out perform other phono stages costing considerably more then the P-75 mkIII.