Cable Brackets $80 each




Our Cable Brackets are a must for any Audiophile who uses heavy specialised power cables . A look at the picture will convince you that by using our Cable Brackets, the connection between your Power Cable and the Equipment is a lot more secure.

There are 2 models -1) single cable bracket which would suit most applications 2) double bracket to suit parallel outlets e.g Torus AVR 2 16 Power Conditioner

There are 2 adjustments on our Cable Bracket

  • Adjustment to suit virtually any shelf
  • Adjustment to suit the height of the IEC socket on the rear of the component.

The result is no more load stress on the IEC socket where the cable is inserted into the component.

How often have you seen a heavy power cable hooked into a light component causing the front of said component to lift ?

No more will you need to worry about your power cables sagging as in picture and causing concern as to whether they will pull out.

This relatively simple and efficient devise will allow you to enjoy your music more, without having to worry about your Power Cables coming adrift. Incidentally, our Power Brackets can also be used with Interconnects and in conjunction with our Cable Risers. The same attention to detail that went into the manufacturing of the Cable Risers hasĀ  gone into the Cable Brackets as well.