AUDIOSPACE REFERENCE 2S Preamplifier + REFERENCE 5 KT88 Mono Blocks – $6,900 – SOLD.00

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Tube amplifiers are generally low powered and are only capable of driving efficient speakers.  This being the case, when you use a low powered amp on an average or below average efficient speaker, you miss out on dynamics and control.  Not so with these high powered mono block amplifiers.  They are capable of driving difficult speakers without loss in dynamics or control.  No wonder they, together with the respective preamp, are regarded as Reference quality.

These amplifiers are in very good condition and were originally purchased from us 2 years ago.  As these amplifiers take up a lot of real estate and as my customer is downsizing his residence, reluctantly they are up for sale.  So, at less than half their original price they are a superb buy.

$6,900.00 for the lot (normal retail $18,680.00)

Will split if interested, please call.

All original packaging is included.

Consignment sale.

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