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We all know that Germany manufacture some of the best cars in the world, but did you know that Germany also produce some of the best most innovative Speakers in the world? Audio Physic have been successfully manufacturing speakers for well over 25 years. Their speakers are very popular in Europe, UK and USA as evidenced by their numerous favourable reviews. Now, Audio Physic speakers are available to the Australian Audiophile at realistic prices, to suit all budgets.

Audio Physic’s catch phrase is “no loss of fine detail”. To this one should add, no loss of transparency, dynamics, and tonal balance. 

Audio Physic manufacture three ranges of speakers. They are “Classic Line, High End and Reference”. As one would expect, the finish and construction of all Audio Physic speakers are exemplary and the attention to fine detail is second to none.

The “Classic Line” has only been around for a few years but has proved extremely popular amongst those that want to see their speakers as well as hear them. This range comprises of an extremely aesthetically pleasing array of finishes and materials – the classic line has proved popular amongst audiophiles, architects and even wives alike!

The range is not just developed to look good though as they feature cabinets constructed of three layers of extremely different resonant behaviour, which results in a structure which is virtually immune to self-resonance. This in turn enables the drivers to reproduce faithfully the input signal, without the cabinets having a bearing on the sound. There are four veneer finishes to choose from and a variety of attractive glass finishes on certain models. These glass finishes have no bearing on the sound quality of the speaker, which is very detailed, dynamic, with a large sound stage and non-aggressive. To complement the quality of the speaker, no less than WBT nextgen binding posts are standard.

The High End and Reference Lines are a salute to the strong history of Audio Physic speaker design: Slim, raked speakers with unique design philosophies and drivers developed specifically by the German manufacturer. These ranges incorporate even newer technologies such as Ceramic foam in the woofer chamber to allow more control, more precision and more bass, Special acoustic panels and optimised damping in the midrange driver chamber for much higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity and lastly thanks to their special relationship with their countryman “WBT” silver terminals and ” WBT” silver contacts in the tweeter to allow for much higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity.

The slim raked design of the High End Line and the Reference Line keep the philosophy of a wide sound stage alive. These slim designs make the speaker almost invisible during playback and focus completely on the finer details rather than just the speaker itself.

The Reference Line for Audio Physic continues the narrow baffle cabinet philosophy. This theory when correctly put into practice allows the speaker to disappear as far as being the source of sound, portraying a much more honest stereo image as opposed to speakers designed for ‘monitor’ purposes. This suggests the speakers are designed by genuine music lovers as opposed to engineers. Once again all drivers are designed by the highly talented Manfred Diestertich to an extremely high ‘German’ specification. The tweeter is likened by Diestertich as “the tweeter you can’t hear” as the Reference line goal is to ensure an extremely well blended and holographic sound. Unlike many high end speakers the Reference line are extraordinarily efficient, showing little problem working with low powered valve amplifiers or large solid state amplifiers alike. 

True to their aims Audio Physic offer state 0f the art and value for money speakers, handmade in the German countryside of Brilon with the greatest of care and detail seen only in a few of it’s competitors.

We now have a room dedicated to Audio Physics.  The latest additions are:

  • Classic Compact
  • Classic 5
  • Classic 20 Glass
  • Classic 30
  • Avanti

These new models offer even better value with exceptional tonal balance, transparency and imaging.

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