Audio Physic Cardeas Plus+ Speakers (Used) $24,000 – SOLD



This Loudspeaker from the famous German manufacturer, used to be my reference, until I heard the Cardeas 30 Limited Jubilee Edition (LJE).  Both sets of speakers have a similar tonal character, seamless frequency response from top to bottom, just like a full range Electrostatic, but with a few differences.  The Cardeas Speakers can reproduce dynamics, reproduce a kick drum, have a great bottom end and play loud, whereas a full range Electrostatic will clip, arc and flap when pushed hard to reproduce cresendos.

Okay, so what is the difference between the Cardeas Plus and LJE.  They both have the same driver compliment and cabinet size.  With the LJE, all the drivers have been tweaked including the cabinet internal bracing.  Tonally the Plus and LJE are similar, but the LJE has more of everything.

This pair has just been traded on my LJE number 2 (only 30 have been manufactured worldwide) and in turn I have been fortunate to obtain number 30, the last of the LJE.

If you are in the market for a reference speaker that does not break the bank, I invite you to have an audition to these beauties.  They are finished in the premium Black High Gloss.

Normal retail for the premium finish is $46,400.  So at $24,000 they are a great buy.

 Technical data

Height 1190 mm / 46.9″
Width 305 mm / 12″
Depth 595 mm / 23.4″
Required Space Width x Depth 410×595 mm / 16.1×23.4″
Weight 60 kg
Recommended amplifier power 40-350 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 25 Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity 89 dB

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