Acoustic Signature Thunder Turntable


The Acoustic Signature Thunder Turntable features the new silencer platter 3 design resulting in the turntable being almost impervious to resonances. You can choose to upgrade the Thunder to accommodate up to 3 tonearms and up to 3 motors to drive the platter with the utmost of precision. The Thunder is a reputable power house of sonic prowess!

Acoustic Signature Thunder key features;

  • Silincer platter 3 design
  • Synchron motor, electronically regulated, Power-decoupled, adjustable
  • Highly precise roller burnished TIDORFOLON bearing
  • Resonance-optimised mass chassis with 3 adjustable feet, very soft alloy for low resonance.
  • High precision platter made of aluminium, 50mm thick, 15 kg with 24 Silencer modules double isolated.
  • 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM speed selection
  • 10 year warrenty on bearing

Tonearm and cartridge sold separately

Dimensions WHD: 440mm X 190mm X 440mm

Weight: 41kg

Available in silver & black