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Edwyn Acoustics Room Treatment

Any Hi-Fi or Home Theatre system is only as good as its weakest link. And, the room itself is a very important link in the system. Therefore, it stands to reason that the listening room needs to be neutral and as sonically pleasing as possible. Acoustic panels assist in achieving this.  There are two types of panels, Absorption, Diffusion, or a combination of both.

Absorption panels are generally used in rooms where there is a Bass issue i.e. Bass overhang, Bass boom etc. By absorbing the unwanted bass, the mid-range now becomes more focused and discernible and in turn, the high frequency is also more natural and less fatiguing. The overall result will be a more natural presentation with an expansive soundstage.  Absorption panels or Bass Traps are normally placed in the corners of the room behind the speakers. In rooms that have a serious Bass issue, they can be placed in the 4 corners.

Diffusion panels retain the energy in the room and when placed strategically, will give the listener a wide soundstage extending beyond the boundaries of the speakers. Generally, Diffusers are placed on the wall behind the speakers and /or at the first and second point of reflection. Sometimes a combination of both Absorption and Diffusion panels are employed along the wall behind the speakers.


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