Yes it is a power cable and yes it is expensive, but once used in a revealing system, it would be extremely hard to go back to anything else.  In essense, it has a balance design to lower common mode noise.  A unique feature of the Company’s hollow oval design is that the ground lead surrounds the cold and hot leads to keep the signal pristine. In addition it has a very low noise flow which results in a better signal to noise ratio which in turn brings out subtle nuances previously unheard.  The ultimate in shielding results in better electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatability.  Sonically one can expect to hear a more balanced and smooth reproduction with a very low noise flow, resulting in extra detail, and better bass, all from a darker background.

It is suitable for use between pre and power amps and sources to pre.


Chord Electronics, not to be confused with the Chord Cable Company, are a UK Company who excel in the manufacture of Hi Fi equipment.  All their products are engineered and manufactured in the UK.  Their amplifiers are rated amongst the best in the world, and over the last three years or so, they have become the leader in digital playback music.  There is a Chord DAC to suit all budgets, and all of them are leaders in their price range.  Last year I spoke highly of their entry to mid-level units and one only has to go on the net to read about their achievements and accolades.  I also spoke of the impending DAVE DAC which I received at the beginning of 2016.  It is the successor to their very famous QBD 76, also a superb DAC.  However, DAVE is a game changer and I have yet to audition a better DAC, price no object.  Imagine a DAC with superb detail without one frequency dominating, with timing like no other, so that your feet automatically start tapping the floor and you immediately immerse yourself into the music.  That is what I get when listening to the DAVE through a revealing system.

There are numerous reviews on the DAVE, all excellent and deserving.

DAVE can be used as a digital pre amp, straight into a power amp, negating the expense of a high end pre amp, provided all your sources are digital.  As a pre amp it is one of the most neutral units I have had the pleasure of auditioning.

In 2017, Chord will be introducing the new Blu 2.  This combined with the DAVE will be the ultimate in digital playback — cannot wait!


Please read my article on the limited edition Cardeas Plus LJE on this site.  This was written long before the reviews came out.  Remember I have Serial No 2 of 30.  The leading Hi Fi Magazines now recognise this loudspeaker as one of the best in the world.


As some of you might know, I am a big fan of clean power being fed to your Hi Fi equipment.  In short this is by far the best power conditioner/regulator I have owned.  Torus base their philosophy on totally isolating anything connected to their conditioner.  The result is much better bass, sweet midrange with no glare, open/airy top end with space surrounding instruments on a huge sound stage and a darker background.  The unit I have is the 16 amp version which will give enormous head room even to the largest amplifiers.  I have recently traded 2 high end conditioners, the total rrp of both exceeding the cost of 1 AVR-16.  My customer is delighted with the huge improvement he has gained, that speaks for itself.

Please refer to this site for specifications on all Torus Conditioners.

Click here for “Understanding TORUS Power