Yes, we have been in business now for 30 years.  To celebrate, here are some outstanding buys, which will put a smile on your face.

As these prices are very sharp, please call or email for your special price.


  • Axis Voice Box “S”     $1,750.00
  • Audio Physics Classic 20 Black Glass
  • Audio Physics Classic 30 Black Ash
  • Audio Physics Classic 5 Cherry
  • Audio Physics Compact Cherry

Pre/Power/Integrated Amplifiers

  • Parasound JC1 Mono Amps (Sil) (New) $11,500.00

Various Other Items

  • AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon Headphones (New) $799.00 + Dragonfly Black valued at $140.00 at no charge
  • Contact us for pricing and availability for this and other products / models from this brand.

Phone: 08 9337 2041